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Owning a racehorse doesn’t have to be a dream, it doesn’t cost a fortune and can be a fantastic experience with George Margarson Racing. In our yard, we have ownership options to suit most people.

These include sole ownership, partnership and syndicates.

Sole Ownership

An individual enjoys the full benefits and responsibilities of racehorse ownership.

Partnership options at George Margarson Racing


A partnership is between 2-100 registered owners and allows owners to share the responsibilities of ownership. It is a great way for a group of family, friends or colleagues, to enjoy owning a racehorse together.


A Syndicate requires just one person to be the registered as the owner of the horse. The Syndicator (owner of the horse) manages the group of members in the syndicate, and there is no limit to the number of members involved.

For any further information on ownership please contact Rosie Margarson:

Call or text 07595888757

Email rosie@georgemargarson.co.uk

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