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We hope to provide you with some useful information in this section which will give you an overview of racing life in and around Newmarket.  We'll also highlight any points of interest as they happen throughout the year which you can find out about by taking a look at our Calendar.

Tattersalls Sales We can often be seen at the sales and all the latest information can be found on the Tattersalls website.

Tattersalls website Tattersalls website

A visit to the Newmarket Racehorse Museum is a good way to spend a couple of interesting hours. Don't forget to look out for any information relating to horses trained by George Margarson, such as Barathea Guest.

You can also see artwork by our local artist Jacquie Jones on the walls of the very good restaurant

Racehorse Museum website Racehorse Museum Website

There are quite a few restaurants we could recommend, but we have listed a few which we think deserve special mention

Beford Lodge Hotel website Bedford Lodge Hotel

Rutland Arms Hotel Rutland Arms Hotel

Swynford Paddocks Hotel Swynford Paddocks

Visit the website for everything you need to know about the Newmarket July and Rowley Mile Racecourse, dates, facilities, etc

Newmarket Racecourses website Newmarket Racecourse website

The British Racing School has excellent business facilities and is where many a racing career has begun

British Racing School website British Racing School 

Mdsign is our website designer who we would recommend to anyone!

Mdsign Mdsign 

We have had many good times with our horses trained by George and his placing of Atavus was a pleasure to be part of.

Daniel Lancaster Smith ( Stableside Racing )

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Come and take a look around Graham Lodge Stables in Newmarket.  See the yard and what we can offer you as a racehorse owner.

Graham Lodge Stables

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